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Education is the key to your journey to healthy skin care
The Institute of Epidermal Cell Therapy provides the education that is the key element in your journey to success. Our institute is proud to offer Virginia Institute of Esthetics curriculum philosophy as our primary source of training.  It was developed and incorporates by L. Saphonia Gee.  It’s a distinct blend of Montessori teaching methods combined with adult experiences.  Focusing on the science of the skin and how it applies to healthy skin care.  Our students have the opportunity to experience hands on training in our licensed Esthetics Spa, Institute of Epidermal Cell Therapy.  This affords our students the opportunity to training in an environment that promotes professionalism allowing them to build their practical skills as well as promotes good public relation skills. 

We are looking forward to assisting you with planning your educational journey!  If we have missed any of your attempts to reach our admissions team please feel free to contact us Deborah Waters at 757-651-3265 or email us at deborahwaters@estheticstherapy.com.  We invite you to take part in an environment that will prepare you for an exciting career and personal journey toward healthy skincare.
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Basic Esthetics - Full Time Class Schedule
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